Potato harvest

Last week we started harvest of storage potatoes in both Netherlands and Slovakia

Recently Maatschap Breukers bought a brand new Miedema storage line in use including hopper, conveyor belts and spacefinder. The old storage line moved to Záhorie Farms to fill out our new storage near Dolná Krúpa (SK).

Our motivated team is always looking forward to this busy, but fine harvest period. If weather stays as pretty as it is now, at the end of October we will have over 6.000 tons of Potatoes in several storages, NL and SK!


First Fontane potatoes stored by our new Miedema-line provided by Intrak B.V.

Thanks to the "Indian Summer" we are able to harvest fields which were critical because of wet circumstances in July/August

Our new Potato storage in Dolná Krupá is ready! 2500 tons of Potatoes will be storaged from October to April


Large field of Challenger potatoes close to the new storage



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